PEEPs - Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning

Flamerisk provides a full package of personal emergency evacuation packages for clients. Here are some of the Services we provide:


 Training and Courses

We deliver our training throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Our training is designed and dedicated for each individual client and we can deliver training on site or at any convenient venue.  Training courses include:


  • The training of staff and other relevant people in fire evacuation and special equipment usage.


  • Training of ‘buddies’ who are nominated to help disabled people with their individual PEEPs.


  • Management awareness courses covering a wide range of topics including managing the evacuation needs and PEEPs of disabled people, whether they are employees, visitors or customers.



 Individual and Generic PEEPs

The design of both individual and generic PEEPs for an organisation.  Integration of these into the organisation’s Evacuation Strategy and Emergency Plan.  We have a wealth of experience, specialist knowledge in designing PEEPs and understanding disabled people and their requirements.  We also understand that organisations have requirements as well, so we tailor our PEEPs in an integrated approach, taking into account the design and use of the building(s), the management philosophy and the individuals involved.


   Fire Safety Design & Advice   Consultation & Negotiation Service    

Fire Safety Design & Advice


Fire Consultation & Negotiation Service


A full service of fire safety design, fire safety engineering solutions and ‘back engineered’ design for all buildings.  We design for all types of buildings including new build, major refurbishments or minor alterations.


A bespoke consultation and negotiation service with all authorities that have jurisdiction.  We are able to meet, consult, discuss and reach agreement on our clients plans, designs and wishes with Fire and Rescue Services, Building Control and other formal bodies to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all our clients.


   Evacuation Strategies & Emergency Plans    Fire Risk Assessments    



Fire Risk Assessment


The ability to carry out a full survey for the whole building and produce an effective Emergency Plan.  An evacuation strategy defines how the Emergency Plan will be implemented and we will produce an Evacuation Strategy for the building, no matter how complex, to ensure that all people, including disabled people, can evacuate safely from the building to a place of ultimate safety.


A complete package of fire risk assessments for new and existing buildings. The fire risk assessments are carried out by fully qualified assessors who are registered on one of the professional bodies fire risk assessors register. We also produce preliminary fire risk assessments for buildings in the design or early build stage as well as a management Fire Safety Policy and Procedures document specifically designed for new buildings.

 Additional Services

A network of partners who can deliver specialised services that are aligned to our own including access audits, accessibility, manual handling for disabled people and equipment provision.